First Aid & Emergency Training

First Aid training

St John train vital first aid skillsDid you know that a person is injured at work every 36 seconds in Latin America and the Caribbean?  Our region has the highest death rates due to occupational accidents than any other.  Not only this, deaths due to road accidents in Latin America and the Caribbean are almost double the world average, amounting to 17 deaths per 100,000.

Basic principles, such as knowing to use an adhesive bandage or applying direct pressure on a bleed, are often acquired passively through life experiences. However, to provide effective, life-saving first aid interventions requires instruction and practical training. Our activities this year will be focused on educating the public on some of these very critical issues.  We believe that it’s absolutely unacceptable that so many people die needlessly – because no one could give them first aid when they needed it.

No matter what you do, it pays to have first aid skills because you can't learn it in an emergency.

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Disaster Preparedness training

Training complete in SoufriereSt John Saint Lucia has been providing vital disaster preparedness training to communities around the country for over 2 years. Our basic one day course provides you with basic awareness of different types of disasters, how to identify and reduce risk from hazards, making a emergency plan and then basic emergency first aid skills.

Our training proved to be vital during Hurriance Tomas, as Simone Mondesir from NEMO says,

“The training delivered by the St John-St Lucia was most appreciated and timely. It has indeed built confidence in the NEMO volunteers. In the Fond St. Jacques area after the passage of Hurricane Tomas, and the manner in which these volunteers responded is testament of the excellent training that St John provided. The Disaster Preparedness and First Aid training that was undertaken is so vital that I am so proud of the manner in which these volunteers are working.”

Simone Mondesir – Coordinator, National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO),Soufriere