Who we are

St John St Lucia supports communities around the countrySt John Ambulance activities have been carried on in St Lucia for over 80 years.  A National Council was established by a constitution approved by the Grand Prior of the Order of St John which became effective on 21 March 1967 to have overall control and support of the activities of the St John Ambulance Association and the St John Ambulance Brigade.  St John Ambulance Association and St John Ambulance Brigade amalgamated in 1974 to become the St John Ambulance Foundation. The St John Council of St Lucia was incorporated in St Lucia on 10 March 1998 under Companies act 26 of 1998. Since 25 October 1999 the National St John Council of St Lucia and St John Ambulance in St Lucia have constituted a unified organisation.  On 1 January 2004 all National Councils became known as St John Associations.

Values and objectives

The objectives and purposes of the St John Association of St Lucia are as follows:

  • To encourage all that makes for the spiritual and moral strengthening of mankind in accordance with the first great principle of the Order of St John embodied in the Motto “Pro Fide”, that is, “For the Faith”
  • To encourage and promote all works of humanity and charity for the relief of persons in sickness, distress, suffering or danger without any distinction as to race, class or religion in accordance with the second great principle of the Order embodied in the Motto “Pro Utilitate Hominum” , that is, “In the Service of Humanity”
  • To render aid to the sick, wounded, disabled or suffering
  • To conduct St John Ambulance activities in St Lucia and in so doing to render first aid to members of the public and others; to provide community care; to conduct first aid and other training; and to provide training for the development of young people; and
  • To provide a permanent organisation and trained personnel to be immediately available to give assistance to Central or Local Government Departments or the Armed Forces of St Lucia in the event of civil emergency or war.