The St John Association of Saint Lucia, formerly St John Ambulance is proud to present its island wide celebration of St John month 2015. Over 80 years of life preservation training and charity we welcome all to celebrate another wonderful year of accomplishments and servitude to the country as a whole. This month of June will see us exhibiting the true purpose and mission of St John whilst members and volunteers put on display training exercises and safety measures pertaining to many aspects of life. Join us as we at St John commemorate another great year passed and an even brighter future by continuing our service to the people of Saint Lucia.

St John Ambulance named after John the Baptist who’s Feast Day is celebrated on June 24 will this month honour the achievements of its Youth Group with an Enrollment Ceremony at the Choiseul Catholic Church on Sunday June 21 from 2:00pm.  This year St John Saint Lucia celebrate young people and the contributions they make in their schools, community and the country.

“Over 40 students from the Choiseul Constituency and neighbouring communities will be officially enrolled as St John Ambulance Cadets fully trained and equipped in a number of areas such as First Aid, Life Skills, Coping Skills, Caring for Others, Sports First Aid & Injury Prevention, Developing & Managing Community-Based Projects, Effective Youth Workers and Para-military exercises, to name a few. Due to this training it is envisaged that they will now be the difference in the heart of their community and country, helping to preserve and save lives.  We are very excited about this and confident that these young adults will be that difference… that difference between a life lost and a life saved during emergencies,” explained Glenn Wilson Chief Commissioner of St John Saint Lucia.

Other activities during the Month of June include a Fundrasing Gala Dinner at the Benedictine Nuns in Coubaril on Saturday 20 as well as Public Demonstrations in various communities to increase knowledge and raise awareness of the importance of learning First Aid.  An Officers Induction Ceremony will also be held on Wednesday July 01 at Government House which will be presided over by St John Saint Lucia’s President, Governor General of Saint Lucia HE Dame Pearlette Louisy, DStJ.

Chairman of St John Saint Lucia Mr. Ronald Gardner stressed on the importance of the work of St John stating, “Our vision for the future, whether acting alone or in partnership with others, is the provision of charitable and humanitarian services to individuals, groups and organisations.  Our relief work for persons in sickness, distress, suffering or danger recognises no barrier of race, colour or creed.”

Posted by: Admin on 20 June 2015

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