Every year the Order of St John commemorates St John Day, which is celebrated on June 24.  The St John Association of Saint Lucia which incorporates St John Ambulance this year celebrated its volunteers and the work that they do in the service of humanity.  A week of Activities have been organized to observe this milestone.


On Tuesday June 24 (St John Day) smartly uniformed volunteers joined Council members and well-wishers as we honoured and promoted 9 outstanding volunteers at our commemoration ceremony.


In a stirring ceremony rich with pageantry and melodious music from the Royal St Lucia Police Band, Chief Commissioner Nigel Worrell called each of the recipients forward to be formally invested in the Order of St. John. One by one they received their insignia from Commissioner Worrell.   All of the volunteers pledged their loyalty to Her Majesty, the Sovereign Head of the Order, and promised to faithfully uphold the purpose and objectives of the Order.  The below is a listing of these newly promoted volunteers and the ranks/office they hold.


Ms. Berthia Nickson                                    Staff Officer V

Ms. Janice Adams                                     Staff Officer V

Mrs. Patricia Paul                                        Sergeant

Ms. Zeeleta Weekes                                   Drill Sergeant

Ms. Rose Mayers                                         Sergeant

Ms. Barbara Hippolyte                                Corporal

Mr. Damian Jn Baptiste                              Corporal/EMT

Ms. Heilda Athanase                                  Corporal

Mr. Seth Joseph                                          Corporal


In addition to these promotions the position and helm of the para-military arm of St John here in Saint Lucia was also passed over to Staff Officer Glenn Wilson who will now serve as the Chief Commissioner for the next triennial.  The immediate Chief praised Wilson for his dedication to service and the tremendous efforts he has made towards the revitalization of the charity here in Saint Lucia.  Mr. Worrell also encouraged all volunteers to continue to strive for excellence and to the belief and work of St John.  He expressed his joy having served for six years as Chief Commissioner of St John and working with such an amazing group of people who continue to be the difference in communities, workplaces and the world.  Mr. Worrell served as Chief Commissioner from 2008 to 2014.


One of the world’s great humanitarian organizations, the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem has its roots in the 11th century as an order of chivalry providing care to the sick and poor of all faiths. Queen Victoria created the modern-day Order of St. John by Royal Charter in 1888.


The Order of St John is a major international charity, accredited to the United Nations whose organisations provide first aid, health care and support services in over 40 countries around the world.  The Order’s charitable work is carried out by the St John Eye Hospital Group in Jerusalem and St John Ambulance organisations worldwide – with volunteers and staff of over 250,000.

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